...one of the pre-eminent independent singer/songwriters working in Americana. Her lyrical acumen is readily apparent for any listener, those unfamiliar with her work and longtime fans alike, but the lean economy of her poetic musings separates her work from performers who might otherwise overdo their desired effect on the audience.” - Jason Hillenburg

No Depression

The performances reflect a confidence and clarity that allow these songs to soar in ways that reflect both her credence and conviction. Emerson plies the emotional depth of Lucinda Williams, Bobbie Gentry, Loretta Lynn and other tempestuous torch singers with her own air of dark defiance.” - Lee Zimmerman

Goldmine Magazine

Emerson has come into her own in more way than one. This is appealing music with well-constructed songs gorgeous vocals, and stellar, rather moody fiddle playing.” - Jim Hynes

Country Standard Time

You could go a lot of different routes [as a songwriter]. You could go a more negative route, but instead I wanted to bring strength and grace and beauty and incredible women, because visually it’s just stunning. I can whine about country playlists all day long, and that’s never going to change anything. But if you send a message this way, an enlightening message, something powerful … there’s a chance.” - Jim Walsh

SouthWest Journal

The whole record is unflagging and ferocious, but its most triumphant moment comes on the country revenge song “The Reckoning.”” - Jerard Fagerberg

City Pages

Rootstime Freddy Celis
Southern MinnScene Sarah Osterbauer